Michael Mundaca - Tax Department Co-Director in Washington, DC

Michael Mundaca

A longtime veteran in the field of tax policy, Michael Mundacais co-director of the National Tax Department and the Americas Tax Center at Ernst & Young’s Washington, DC, location. Michael Mundaca re-joined the firm in September of 2011 and oversees more than 2,000 tax professionals.

Before taking his current position, Mr. Mundaca served as assistant secretary for tax policy at the US Department of the Treasury, in which role he advised Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner on taxation issues. In 2011, he received the Alexander Hamilton Award, which is the Department’s highest honor.

Mr. Mundaca initially began working at Ernst & Young in October of 2002 and spent nearly five years as a partner with its international tax services group. He also worked previously at the US Department of the Treasury, from 1997-2002, during the administrations of both President Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush, serving in the international tax counsel's office, leaving as deputy international tax counsel.